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all photos taken by Cosplay Photog cosplay photos from Anime Expo, LA Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, San Diego Comic con, Sakura Con, Kawaii Kon, Anime Conji, Anime Los Angeles, SacAnime, Animanga, Kumoricon, AniFest, Ronin Expo, PMX, Anime Impulse and cosplay gatherings. cosplay photo posted each day Bria Rose – Sleeping BeautySakura Con 2018#cosplayer – @princesswrencosplay…

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Anime LA

ALA – Anime Los Angeles To get your photos you must email me. It would help if you told me which cosplay and day. If not current year please add year too. Thanks ALA Photos ALA 2020 – Covid 19 stay safe ALA 2019 ALA 2018 ALA 2017 Fashion Show ALA 2017 ALA 2016 ALA…


Comikaze to Stan Lee Comic Con then LA Comic Con LA Comic Con is held at LA Convention Center Oct is the best month for the good monster cosplay show up Photo links LACC 2021 LACC 2019 LACC 2015 LACC 2014 remember you need to request your photos via email


Cosplayer photos from Anime CONS AM2 – Anime Manga & Music AM2 2012AM2 2011 ALA – Anime Los Angeles ALA 2017 fashion showALA 2017ALA 2016ALA 2015 AX – Anime Expo AX 2019AX 2019AX 2017AX 2016AX 2015AX 2014AX 2013 LACC – Los Angeles Comic Con LA Comic Con 2019ComiKaze 2015ComiKaze 2014 FC – Fanime Con FC…

Ren Fair

Renaissance Fair or Renaissance Faire or Renaissance Festival The Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair Ren Fair (as i call it) aka Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair started in soCal (southern California).  On their web page the fair stated it began in 1963.  I like this Ren Fair not because I live in soCal but because it seems…


Other event photos not cosplay or comic con soCAL – Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Renfair) Renfair 2013 Renfair 2011 Renfair 2010 Nisei Week – Little Tokyo (SoCal – LA) 2018 photos 2017 photos 2012 photos 2011 photos Car Shows Spocom 2014 Spocom 2013 Bomex 2009


SacAnime Anime Convention in Sacramento California they have 2 events one in the winter (Jan) and summer Sep) Sacramento Convention Center Sheraton is the main hotel Hyatt has a back door across from convention center view some cosplay photos