Renaissance Fair or Renaissance Faire or Renaissance Festival

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair

Ren Fair (as i call it) aka Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair started in soCal (southern California).  On their web page the fair stated it began in 1963.  I like this Ren Fair not because I live in soCal but because it seems to be an accurate time in history when I am visiting.  Even has a real King & Queen walking around the grounds.  Is it worth visiting soCal just for this festival, yes and YES it is.  Among other things like drinking ale, eating turkey leg (which are huge), ax throwing, peasant human mixing with nobles (upper class), fair maidens, knights, musicians, and much more.

Besides eating and drinking you can see shows and markets.  They have a theme and it changes from week-end to week-end.  I enjoyed the fairy and pirate week-end the best.

Tickets prices are fair too.  Even though it has been awhile since returning the current price has not grown too much.  Ren Fair usually lasts 2 months April thru May meaning lots of week-ends to attend.  You can have tea with the Queen or get VIP parking extra fees apply.


The Original Renaissance Pleasure Fair

  • 15501 E. Arrow Highway
  • Irwindale, CA 91706

Other areas Bristol & New York

There are other Ren Fair but I have not attended them yet.  I do want to go to norCal (northern California) to see how it is different.